5 Bitter Facts Behind the Habit Take your cellphone to the toilet. After Reading This Maybe You Don t Want Instagraman There Again
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5 Bitter Facts Behind the Habit Take your cellphone to the toilet. After Reading This Maybe You Don t Want Instagraman There Again Since mobile phone technology was born into the world, slowly but surely, people are increasingly unable to escape from their cellphones. Every time away from the plug is always restless, afraid to run out of battery and die style. Various functions and uses offered by a smart phone are often the reason why people are getting harder to leave this item for a minute. Whether in the office, school, public transportation, or even in the toilet, many people choose to bring their cellphones along. The reason is mostly to avoid boredom.

You might be one of the many people who have the habit of playing HP when again 'hanging out' in the bathroom. Though the habit holds a series of bitter facts that might make you give up to carry your cellphone to the toilet again. If you don't believe it, you should first consider the following Hipwee Tips summary. Seriously, the effect is not playing. Come on, read together!

1. Everyone knows that toilets are a nest of germs and bacteria. But maybe only a few realize that the germs can easily stick to your cellphone

For most people, cellphones are like an extension of their own hands. Wherever you go, always taken. Even when eating, sometimes people still operate their cellphones. Even though the cellphone came in and out of the bathroom. Already know if the toilet is a nest of harmful germs and bacteria, such as Salmonella, E.coli, Shigella, Hepatitis A, MRSA, and Campylobacter? These bacteria are the source of various diseases. Imagine if they were stuck on your cellphone, then you played a cellphone all day, when you want to eat or hold other things forget to wash your hands. Germs from the toilet can move to your body!

According to Dr. Anchita Karmakar from Buderim Private Hospital, Australia, the case of a cellphone made from rubber further supports the bacteria to reproduce properly. Research also shows that the cellphone is much dirtier than the toilet seat and door handles. Not really expecting, right?

2. Playing the cellphone can make time forget. Many people spend a little time playing HP on the toilet. Even though the sitting time can be dangerous

In China, there was only a terrible incident experienced by a young man. He is known to have paralysis due to playing HP while having a bowel movement. The 24-year-old man spent 30 minutes sitting on the toilet. Even though according to his family he did not have a history of any disease. According to the doctor, the paralysis he experienced was the result of obstructed blood flow due to later sitting.

3. Not to mention air circulation in the toilet which is usually not as good as in other rooms. Sitting there for a long time can make oxygen not smooth

Poor air circulation can slow the circulation of blood in the body. People with a history of heart disease will not be advised to sit for long in a toilet with poor air circulation. Men in China who experienced paralysis were also reported to lack oxygen when standing from their seats. As a result it loses balance and falls.

4. Many people think, keeping keep in touch with their cellphones even though it's in the bathroom can increase productivity. In fact, the opposite is true,

Ever heard of it, if the times in the bathroom are often able to bring brilliant ideas? But if you look at the habits of people carrying your cellphone to the toilet like now, it seems that the phrase is no longer valid. Because according to the expert, bringing the cellphone to the toilet actually makes the brain unable to rest. All day long, I was struggling with work, while in the toilet I still had to reply to emails, chat, or take care of this. As a result, the brain actually becomes tired and difficult to be productive. You also have trouble solving deeper and more complicated problems.

5. Although it may have felt very careful, but the incident of the cellphone entering the toilet was very possible. The case is already a lot

When using cellphones in the toilet, the brain gets divided between focusing on the cellphone and focusing on activities in the toilet. Because the concentration is divided, people sometimes become careless. As a result, not a few of them had to be willing to get their cellphones into the toilet because of their own negligence. Maybe you've never experienced it all this time, but it's likely that it will happen, especially if you remember the toilet is slippery.

There are actually a few ways that might reduce the possibility of being infected with the disease from the habit of bringing your cellphone to the toilet. First, always wash your hands after going to the toilet. But if you don't routinely clean your cellphone, it's also useless to wash your hands. So the second, do not forget to clean the electronic device, yes, it can be with alcohol or an antiseptic solution. But to reduce any dangerous risks, it is better to immediately remove the habit of taking HP to the toilet Hehe

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