4 People Win 25 Million and Vacation to Raja Ampat on Instagram. Yuk Kepoin Tips
21 Oktober 2018 MLDSPOT Travel 394
4 People Win 25 Million and Vacation to Raja Ampat on Instagram. Yuk Kepoin Tips Winning quizzes with prizes of tens of millions of rupiah plus a vacation to a favorite destination that is famous for being expensive is certainly everyone's dream. Capitalize on tenacity, follow the quiz and become a champion you can achieve. But of course the conditions to become a champion aren't just that.

Like the story of the four MLDSPOT Content Hunt Season 2 winners. Laurentius Edo Julianto, Giffi Yohanes, Rizky Julian Permana, and Teguh Tri Erdyan who have become winners of the four MLDSPOT Inspiring Content Hunt Season 2 categories have a surefire way to become champions. They have also received prizes in the form of luxury trips to Raja Ampat as well as cash of Rp25 million each, you know. Curious like what? Come on, head for the tips!

1. With a simple but information-intensive video, Rizky Julian won the #InspiringPeople category for a video that lifts contemporary art artists with unique characters

Rizky Julian managed to win the #InspiringPeople category through a simple video. This 31-year-old man who works as a freelance video editor raises contemporary art artist, namely Test Handoko Eko Saputro (Hahan) because he is considered to have a unique character.

According to Rizky, Hahan's works were influenced by youth culture and comics, whose characters were developed into metaphors. He made a satirical character to voice the problem subtly. Although it has a short duration, the content you want to submit in the video is complete, you know. Not only Hahan's works, but also his profile and contribution to the art world. His works inspire other young artists. View this post on Instagram

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2. Winning the category #InspiringCommunities, Teguh Tri Erdyan chose caption that was quite emotional because it departed from his own experience

In the caption, Teguh said that the Indonesian Art Toys community helped him to make toys that were not easy. Understandably, want to buy toys today, the price is more expensive, consequently Teguh tries to find a community that helps him to get new knowledge to make toys. The 27-year-old man who works as a book designer at a publishing company in Jakarta does want to share with the public about the Indonesian Art Toys community which he thinks is very inspiring.

Telling something is easier if you depart from your own experience. This emotional side makes telling stories easier, and those who read can feel the feel. So that messages are easily conveyed. Well, if you want to join a similar competition, you can follow the tricks from Teguh. View this post on Instagram

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3. Choose unique and useful products from the simplest ingredients that can show high creativity, one of them is Giffi Yohanes who won #InspiringProducts

Utilizing simple items into cool products delivering Giffi Yohanes won the #InspiringProducts category. The 23-year-old man who is busy in the Garage Engine business often conjures up car partitions that are no longer used as unique home and living items. Through MLDSPOT Content Hunt Season 2, Giffi Yohanes simultaneously introduced his business, namely Garage Engine to the public. It's really fun to see the various product items in the Garage Engine.

You can emulate Giffi by creating cool and useful new products from super simple ingredients even "used". From here your creative power will be very visible. Because creations don't always require big ideas with big costs. View this post on Instagram

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4. For #InspiringPlaces, select places that are "not far away" but have super beauty. Especially if there is a "low budget" appointment like Laurentius Edo Julianto's work

Moments of traveling with friends, family, or vacation alone do not need to go to a remote place that makes up the contents of the wallet. You can follow the tips from Laurentius Edo Julianto who choose low budget places for his vacation. Even though it's low budget, these places have super beauty that makes you feel at home there.

According to a 25-year-old man who works as a videographer for social media content, most people only know the destinations that are quite costly, but actually there are low-budget destinations that are cool and not much touched by tourists. Therefore, Laurentinus expects a short video containing his trip to low budget destinations in Java and Bali. View this post on Instagram

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MLDSPOT Content Hunt Season 2 is a movement inviting young Indonesians to share inspirational works and stories through four content categories. The four content categories include inspiring people, products, places and communities to provide inspiration and enthusiasm for young people in Indonesia to continue to work, and to boast Indonesia both at home and abroad.

The work of the four winners has been through a rigorous selection process carried out by four judges in each MLDSPOT Content Hunt Season 2 category. There is William Utomo Co-Founder of IDN Times for the #InspiringPeople category, Didi Diarsa Founder of Kayuh Wooden Bike as a jury in the #InspiringProducts category , Marischka Prudence for the #InspiringPlaces category, and the 'Generation 90s' Founder of Marchella FP as a jury in the #InspiringCommunities category.

Can walk for free and get tens of millions of Rupiah is always anticipated. You can follow the tips of the four MLDSPOT Content Hunt Season 2 winners that are very useful to be implemented in the next competition. Or you can also get info about other lifestyle inspirations on the mldspot.com website.

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