4 Efficacy of Water for Baby s Baby. Diarrhea to eczema can be resolved
22 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Young Mom 165
4 Efficacy of Water for Baby s Baby. Diarrhea to eczema can be resolved When you cook rice using conventional methods without a rice cooker, thick boiling water just before cooked rice is what is called starch water. Because it comes from a rice decoction that is rich in carbohydrates, of course, starch also contains rice starch which is full of calories.

According to Professor Djoko Said Damardjati, baby expert and researcher at the Center for Research and Development of Food Crops, the starchy water from rice that has not been separated from the aromatic skin contains minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, B vitamins, and vitamin E.

Well, with some content contained in starch, especially the high calorie content, this is useful for starch water that can be given to baby siblings. Do not be surprised first, the main condition is that you are at least 8 months old or ready to be given MPASI. Before processing, make sure the rice is of good quality and avoid bleach or pesticides, huh! Using brown rice or black rice will also be better.

1. Starch is effective in relieving diarrhea in infants, ranging from mild to moderate levels

A study conducted by a group of British scientists concluded that drinking starch water can reduce the intensity of defecation in infants. Glucose content of polymers in starch water makes it easier for electrolytes to be absorbed by the body, so it will prevent dehydration in babies that might endanger them.

How: take a cup of rice, wash thoroughly, then boil in 3 cups of water for 15 minutes. Give babies about 120 ml of starch water every four hours until the symptoms of diarrhea subside.

But if the diarrhea experienced by the baby is classified as severe until the baby loses weight, immediately consult a doctor so that it can be treated immediately.

2. Starch can be a safe solution for the treatment of eczema or itchy and scaly skin problems in infants.

Eczema is a problem that is often experienced by babies. A study from Curejoy found that bathing a baby by adding starch twice a day for 15 minutes would speed up the recovery process by 20 percent. Because naturally, starch water is also minimal risk and side effects compared to using an ointment with chemicals in it.

How: take two cups of starch water and mix it into baby bathing water. Oil produced by starch water will moisturize the baby's skin and soothe dry areas of skin due to eczema.

3. Can be used as MPASI to be introduced to weaned babies

When you will start introducing solid food to your baby, you can consider giving you starch as MPASI. Besides being rich in energy, starch is also easily digested. But, make sure that the baby is ready to receive your MPASI. It is good to give other solid foods before starch water to prepare for digestion. But remember, this starch is just an alternative to MPASI, not a substitute for ASI. Because nutrition in breast milk cannot be replaced by any food source.

4. Providing starchy water to babies will boost energy in case the baby is sluggish and not excited

Quality rice contains important vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6. These vitamins will help the body to convert food into energy. Not to mention the rich carbohydrate content. It is very fitting to give to your baby who is sluggish and not excited. In addition to helping meet energy needs after a day of playing, starch water can be useful as an energy enhancer so that the baby is always cheerful throughout the day.

Although starch water is practical, easy to obtain and economical because it does not require expensive fees to make it, remember that starch water will be at risk if given to infants under the age of six months or who are not ready to receive MPASI. And once again, even though it is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins that are also good, starch water cannot replace the role of ASI which is a source of complete nutrition for babies. So, be wise as a mother, yes!

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