2 Keys to Stunning Appearance: Linda Kayhz. Family and careers are the same as they are
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2 Keys to Stunning Appearance: Linda Kayhz. Family and careers are the same as they are Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks is back in Depok City on 04-05 October 2018. In collaboration with the UI Japanese Title, this time Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks takes place at the University of Indonesia's Felfest Faculty Club. The event was attended by Mr. Bram as marketing leader of PT Mandom Indonesia, representative of the University of Indonesia Career Development Center (CDC), Linda Kayhz as Beauty Vlogger, female student at the University of Indonesia, and students from various other faculties at the University of Indonesia.

Just like before, Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks not only offers Beauty Class, but also sharing sessions and inspiring discussions with Linda Kayhz. So that after the event ends, participants not only get knowledge about beauty, but also how to get the most out of their potential.

Caring for yourself does require special time. Because of this, it is not uncommon to make us forget to take care of ourselves. Going home from work or college is too tired to wash your face, as a result of pimples. Especially if you later have a family and have children. Caring for yourself is no longer a priority. Well, in the middle of taking care of his four children, Linda Kayhz has the key to staying stunning. In the Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks program, Linda Kayhz shared tips that turned out to be only 2. What? Let's see!

1. Leave energy to take care of yourself. Motivation for happy family and yourself

No matter how busy, Linda always takes the energy to take care of herself. Tired is inevitable. For Linda, the family is the biggest motivation to keep paying attention to self-care. The husband never demands him to dress up. He never protested even though his appearance was tired of taking care of his four children. But the attitude of the husband who accepted what this was, actually made Linda motivated to take care of her.

so, no matter how busy you are, it's important to keep your energy and give yourself a "timeout". Calculate as a reward for yourself who is busy half dead. After all, if you look good, you will feel comfortable right?

2. "Care for the word Haters", and answer their voices with achievements so they can't comment again

The talk of haters does make heartache and headaches. Whatever is wrong in us, it will be immediately seen and made as a soft material to be reviled. Linda Kayhz also experienced this, guys. In the past, he was often said to be dull, his lips cracked and looked unkempt. But for Linda, this haters talk may be just fine. What is criticized is what we fix. What is being ignored, we are replying with achievement. That way, we are always motivated to build and improve ourselves. So we can be a "perfect" version for ourselves and haters don't have the ingredients to twitch again.

Appearance is not everything. But with a good appearance, of course we will feel more comfortable to dare to appear in front. Good to start the first step or to express the mind. This is where makeup can help to maximize appearance and increase self-confidence.

Understanding the needs of Indonesian women, Pixy came back with the latest makeup base series, Pixy Make It Glow. This advanced level makeup base offers the ultimate result of dewy, that is, the skin looks radiant and moist. Enriched with Botanical Extract such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and yuzu extract, Pixy Make It Glow Series maintains skin health for Asian women. Then there is also Light Reflection technology that is able to cover imperfections in the skin such as black spots and acne scars so that the skin looks brighter, radiant, but still natural. Pixy Make It Glow Series consists of the first stage of Beauty Skin Primer, Dewy Chusion, Silky Powdery Cake, and BB Cream to Powder (coming soon).

The enthusiasm of the participants was evident from the number of participants who came and registered. Some of them are final year students who claim to come to find out about the use of makeup that is suitable for graduation and the first job interview. For those who cannot enter the room due to limited space, they can still listen to the beauty inspiring talks and get souvenirs from Pixy.

At the end of the event, many door prizes were distributed and interesting games for participants. Starting from the challenge of reviewing Linda Kayhz's Pixy-style products, best inspiring quotes, best Instagram posts, and best makeup selected by the Pixy and Linda Kayhz teams. In addition, each participant who attended also received a voucher that can be exchanged for a Sheet Mask at the Pixy booth.

Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks is a series of beauty event offerings from Pixy. This event was held 10 times in various cities. After Depok, there are still Jakarta, Solo, Semarang, Malang and Lampung.

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