2 Illustrations Describing the Two Lovers Who Are Unfortunately, the World Seems Two
28 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 222
2 Illustrations Describing the Two Lovers Who Are Unfortunately, the World Seems Two A pair of lovers who are already mutually comfortable, often have lots of silly behavior and often laugh at their own silliness. Rich in illustrations owned by Catana, which often depicts the funny thing about lovers who are unfortunately.

When you love your boyfriend, the feeling that is always and flowery always makes you happy with him. In your eyes, he will always be funny and adorable. Rich in these 20 illustrations, is there something you really don't know?

1. When it was late afternoon and the work was almost complete it seemed like I was eager to go home. Yes, to your heart

2. Sometimes women use their men only for wealth, fame and throne. But not with you, just massage on your back when you're tired is enough.

3. A mind that has been frantic because of work or other tasks, but just a loving greeting from your lover, can be comforted.

4 You are indeed your lover's number one supporter, even from all the little things he does you always give full support.

5. The contents of women's thoughts are unpredictable, even thinking "what to eat later in the day?" Can be as serious as that.

6. For you, he is indeed a favorite. Even though you don't know the reason, but your lover is still the most favorite

7. He will always be cute in your eyes!

8. He should be worthy of being given a globe, symbolic, if he is indeed your world

9. If you walk with a girl, it's not like you can see a little glass. Please read

10. Yups! We really have to respect the small things, your little girlfriend, cute, for example heheh.

11. Because if your girlfriend is handsome again, it feels like you can't turn away from her

12. No need for expensive gifts, sometimes a good and pleasant boyfriend feels like the best gift

13. When aging together later, the best memory is not extravagant, but a simple togetherness

14. If you look at the boyfriend, carry the baby, it's hard to see it. I am very capable!

15. If again, unfortunately, your girlfriend always seems adorable wherever, whenever and whatever she does

16. When you are going through a bad day and fatigue, then a hug from him seems to make you forget about your tiring days

17. It's best to wear a boyfriend jacket, especially when the scent is still attached. It feels more hugged!

18. A stressed girlfriend just needs a partner who is soothing and wants to buy food

19. Sometimes a kiss doesn't pay enough for your boyfriend, just bitten it?

20. The element that makes the spirit of activity other than coffee or cold water in the morning, is a good morning from your girlfriend

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