15 Work Ideas that Are Loose, Comfortable and Stylish for Pregnant Women to the Office
07 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 304
15 Work Ideas that Are Loose, Comfortable and Stylish for Pregnant Women to the Office Being a working mother is a difficult challenge, but that does not mean it is impossible. In addition to being challenged extra in their ability to manage time, a working mother is also challenged to be active and productive even when she is in a dual body. As long as health is possible, working still turns out to have quite a lot of positive effects, especially for those who are accustomed to being active and socializing. Of course with a note, the mother must be more sensitive to listening to the body condition!

Well, in order to stay comfortable during the activity, clothing is one of the important aspects to be considered by working mothers, especially mothers who have to work in the office everyday. In addition to choosing cool ingredients, models and pieces also deserve consideration. It would be better if your chosen clothes could later be used for breastfeeding too. For you working mothers who need a good fashion reference during work, let's look at inspiration from Hipwee this time!

1. Wearing a buttoned maxi dress can be a solution for those of you who don't want to wear special clothes for pregnant women but still feel comfortable and free to move. So comfy

2. Wearing a kimono model dress can also be an option for you working mothers who need comfortable outfits. Choose the cool, comfortable and calm colors like this

You can also adjust the loose kimono model, so that the fit is worn from the beginning of the pregnancy until it arrives at delivery.

3. Wearing a loose shirt can also be a perfect solution for those who need formal clothing but still comfortable in the office. Can be combined with rubber-waist fabric pants to make it more comfortable

If possible, you can combine with shoes or flat sandals that don't make your legs and legs tense.

4. Have a light, slim skirt that waved like this to be combined with various of your superiors. Choose soft colors and a comfortable and elastic rubber waist

5. A channel with striped motifs is often the choice of stylish mothers to make their appearance more fashionable. Select vertical lines for the illusion of a body not too stretchy

6. You can also line up the canal with a mini belt over the abdomen. So stylish!

7. Wearing denim overalls with button details on the chest can be a variation of your outfit to the office. Remember, with a note that your office is not too rigid about work clothes, huh

8. Wearing a loose blouse with an empire model with details of pearl sprinkles like you can also wear Hamidah Rachmayanti so that the appearance to the office remains comfortable but not boring

9 In addition to pastel colors, blouses with dark green buttons like this can also be an option. Can be used even after the breastfeeding period starts

10. Wearing the color suit of the earth like Dwi Handa's clothes can be an attractive option for those of you who want to stay comfortable when hanging out. Choose one that has a 'bag openings' smile

11. The combination of rimpel and long coat can be a good choice for pregnant women in the office. Can also be used after the baby sister is born

12. Want to look professional, chic and fashionable? Just mix a blazer with a monochrome color shirt or sweater like this. Chic Mama

13. Combining strecthy t-shirts with bright color jackets can also be tried to look trendy and comfortable to the office. The motives of horizontal lines don't matter either, because attention has been distracted to your outer

14. Wear bright color oversized shirts like red to look radiant even though the pregnancy has entered a period of struggle. Yes, so that the mood stays happy so

15. Wearing oversized sweaters with deep colors can also be an option, especially for those of you who like to not stand cold during the rainy season or office air conditioning that is too cold

From this range of choices, which do you like the most? What is certain is to just adjust the clothes to your taste and make sure the comfort is the number one. If possible, buy clothes that can be worn for a long time, even after the breastfeeding period is over so it won't be redundant. Hopefully this article is useful!

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