15 Wall Designs that are Not Finished for Rustic Style Houses. Jadul But Artistic
07 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Tips 384
15 Wall Designs that are Not Finished for Rustic Style Houses. Jadul But Artistic This rustic style can not only be found in wedding decorations. The concept that focuses on the natural and traditional impression of rural style can also be realized in the interior of your home. Try to imagine a grandmother's house or a parent's house far from the city, like that picture of a rustic house. Houses like this usually often use simple and unprocessed materials, including the walls.

Indeed, at first glance it looks rickety and neglected, but precisely the 'unfinished' wall designs like this can accentuate the old-fashioned nuances and warm atmosphere typical of the countryside.

1. The wall that exposes the bricks and looks like a bit 'unpacked' will make your room look cool even though it seems messy

2. The walls of your bathroom can also be made of material combinations. Choose colors that are comfortable and not too flashy!

3. If you want a more minimalist impression, you can paint your brick stone walls completely white

4. Your dining room can be created using a wall wallpaper which is then randomly painted in parts.

5. Rustic impressions can also be obtained by using earth colors such as cream or chocolate

6. To add a rustic feel that is thick with nature, you can add hanging leaves to decorate your walls

7. Walls that are cemented uneven can also imply the impression of industrial rustic

8. For the living room, you can use rather bright colors such as orange for a variety of matching wall paints

9. A rather clean and neat combination of walls and bricks can be applied to the living room

10. Exposed bricks can also be decorated with mini plants to decorate the front room to attract the attention of guests who come

11. Brick walls that are painted not so tight can be a small variation to create a rustic room

12. There is no harm in also combining several colors with cute vintage wallpapers like this

13. The crack accents on the wall are no less interesting to make the atmosphere of your home become old school and similar in the countryside

14. Add wood furniture that makes the nuances of your room feel more ancient but present. Can make photo spots too!

15. Don't forget the patio part of the house! It is precisely here that the outermost appearance will be the key to your house's rustic future. Planting with vines to make it okay!

The rustic style always accentuates the old-fashioned nuances and the warmth of the rural atmosphere. In addition to materials that are used as they are and tend to be coarse textured, the furniture must also give the impression of being simple or of an ancient nuance. Wow, it's a dream of a future home!

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