15 Samples of Muslim Kebaya with Unique Stitches on the Shoulder and Chest. Psst, Guaranteed to be Different from Belonging
02 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 389
15 Samples of Muslim Kebaya with Unique Stitches on the Shoulder and Chest. Psst, Guaranteed to be Different from Belonging Today's Muslim kebaya model has a lot of variety. If a few years ago the popular Muslim kebaya model that used a cape accent on the chest, is now being hit by Muslim kebaya with a sampiran cloth sewn on the shoulders. Not only unique and interesting, the details slung down on the shoulders dangling down can also coat your chest. Even if it is only on one side, at least the attention of people who look into the chest area can be disguised.

Like what are the details? Just take a look at some samples of Muslim kebaya with a sampiran cloth sewn on this shoulder. You can be sure you will be interested!

1. The long cloth draped over the shoulder and sewn in the abdomen gives a graceful accent to the kebaya

2. You can add crystal details or brooches on the side of the fabric to the shoulders so the color is not so faint with wisdom

3. It's okay if you prefer the matching clothes that are in color. Sew sampiran cloth on the shoulder to make it more flickering when moving

4. Not only can it cover the chest, sampiran cloth can be formed into a draper that puffs up to disguise the arms as well

5. But if you have enough PD with a body shape, this fabric accent can be sewn to fit and fall on the abdomen to beautify the kebaya dress

6. You don't have to use the same material as your boss or subordinate kebaya, using tulle with matching colors is equally beautiful

7. For a one-color dress, use a cloth with several colors older to make sampiran. You can customize the length

8. Don't get me wrong, you can also combine this model with your batik cloth. Will be a charming outfit for your application!

9. Want more exposure to cloth details? Provide a cloth that is long enough so that a beautiful draft can be made over the stomach and fluttering behind your shoulders

10. Do you prefer to hang the back of his shoulder? Then just sew the samparan next to your waist so that the ends don't go anywhere

11. Let it be more harmonious again, adjust your dress skirt with sampiran material on the shoulders. For example a tutu skirt made with tulle fabric

12. Can also function as an accent on the arm like this ...

13. To be even more dramatic, you can give pleat details on the edge of the sampiran cloth sewn along the shoulders to the bottom of the belly

14. Making kebaya fabric stitching on this shoulder is not limited to color. You can synchronize with the nuances of wisdom as well

15. It's not limited to just the occasion, for those of you who are going to graduation, you can really make a model kebaya that is really hits this


This side accent doesn't just stop on your shoulder or arm, you can continue it until it drops to the floor if you like

No need to worry anymore if there are any of you who are looking for the latest hit Muslim kebaya model, the answer is kebaya-kebaya with a sampiran stitching accent like the one with the sample Hipwee Style displayed above. Hurry up and point to your tailor!

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