15 Ideas for Matching Black and White For Newly Entered Work or Internship. Ready to be Pro and Impressive
26 Oktober 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 315
15 Ideas for Matching Black and White For Newly Entered Work or Internship. Ready to be Pro and Impressive Successfully accepted to work in the ideal office? Congratulations! For those of you who have struggled through all the tedious interviews and tests, now is the time to take pride in the office that makes you officially become an apprentice or trainee. Well, for those whose office frees employees of any clothes for being polite and neat, they can certainly breathe a sigh of relief because they only have to wear existing clothes. It's a different story if your office is a bit tight about uniforms and only allows you to dress all in white and black.

Calm, calm ... this time Hipwee Style will share a bit of solid inspiration with all the white and black clothes that you can wear during your trial period in the office. It's not always going to make you look ludicrous and boring, this solid black and white classic can really make you look professional as well as fashionable and elegant. Come see the review this time

1. Wearing a white top with tuxedo shirt details on the chest will make you look elegant. Add a black skirt with a floral pattern that appears calm for a fashionable appearance

2. Combine white tops with hand accents with a black front slit skirt. Make sure the split is not too high and still within polite limits

3. Give the accessory a collar clip in a white shirt combined with a black rimpel skirt for a professional and elegant impression

4. In order for a white shirt top to be boring, you can mix it with a white blazer with black trim like this. Sweet, right?

5. If there are no strict rules about black skirts, just mix your white shirt with a big rimpel skirt with organza material like this. Beautiful and sweet!

6. Even the hijab can really look stylish by combining a white blouse and underpants of black wide pants like this. Pair with black hijab

7. Combine white blouse and black skirt with neutral hijab like gray. The elegant monochrome impression is really good! The shoes can adjust them

8. Your white shirt can look more sweet with lace details on the shoulder like this. Funny?

9. Pair white blouses with trousers with wrinkle accents and ribbons on the ankles. For the hijab, choose earth colors to be more calm and elegant

10. If there is no standard rule for white shirts, just choose a white blouse with a cute model like this. Guaranteed to get more enthusiasm because you look cute, hehe!

11. Choose a white shirt with unique details, for example black buttons that contrast with this white color. Add accessory necklaces for maximum sweet impression

12. Wearing a turtle neck blouse with lace details like this will make you look cute and feminine. Yes, so it doesn't work right

13. Wearing a shirt with a ribbon accent on the collar will give a sweet and refreshing appearance (drink?) To your appearance. Yes, so it doesn't look boring

14. It looks cute and elegant, you really can do it by wearing a shirt with black brooch details on the collar, especially if the hands are wrinkled like this

15. Dare to be different to the office? Wearing a cape shirt with a pencil skirt like this will not only make you look cute but also professional. Just be ready to ask buy where's the shirt?

Well, what kind of model do you like the most? Don't forget, this is just inspiration so you can still change it according to taste. Do not forget to also consider aspects of comfort and politeness, so that you do not become underestimated or reprimanded for overdoing it. Fashionable is not wrong, just keep in mind because new children tend to be the center of attention. The point is, don't get the ability to work together with appearance. Okay appearance is important, but ability must still be number one! Agree?

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