14 Suits for Modern White Kebaya for Conditional or Graduation. Not Seen Stiff
05 Oktober 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 455
14 Suits for Modern White Kebaya for Conditional or Graduation. Not Seen Stiff Wearing all-white clothes is easy. Besides being easy to get dirty, it can also give a fairly formal impression, especially when you appear kebaya or canal. But he exclaimed, this outfit is easily combined with various models and colors. In addition, the white color also has several ranges of colors that can be adjusted to skin color, such as bright white or bone white.

Well, this time the Hipwee Style will provide some white kebaya suit models that are often identified with clothing for a marriage contract or wedding reception. What are the models that you might try to make for a graduation or leave for business? Come on, check the inspiration that has been collected for you!

1. Not just a classic kebaya model, you can wear a brocade top like this with a bell arm that can help arm large arms

2. Wear a white kebaya encim with a subtle batik pastel skirt as beautiful as this. Duh, so it's super crazy, right?

3. Beautiful accents like colorful flower embroidery on one of your white kebaya spots can be an interesting accent, so that your kebaya doesn't look formal and like going up the wedding

Plus the addition of fabric belts such as Bali kebaya will make your white kebaya more lively and beautiful.

4. The addition of bright color belts like this Balinese kebaya is worth considering. The results are still fun, right?

5. It doesn't have to be made from brocade, you can wear a hijab with a white veil with a dark hijab. Don't forget to add the accessories too, yeah!

6. For those with large arms, kebaya tops with bell models like this can be a perfect solution to make the display more proportional in white kebaya

7. The peplum model is really in, so it's a pity if you don't try it. Combine with earth color hijab to give a perfect elegant impression

8. Try using kebaya with bone white color with a soft organza like this. Beautiful, right?

9. Okay, maybe this brocade canal model is not included in the classic kebaya list. But you can still try you!

10. The new lice kebaya with silk material or that is close to what Sandra Dewi wears is really worth trying. The cut is simple but sweet and elegant

11. The new louse kebaya with a cloth twist in the stomach can handle your look in a white kebaya. Plus, sagging stomach can be somewhat obscured

12. Combine the new brocade kebaya with a simple cut with loose and comfortable culottes. Free to move and stay stylish!

13. White kebaya from organza-like fabric with neat embroidery in the style of Kahiyang can also be an inspiration, for those of you who need to work in white for the beauty of

14. Are you getting stuck sewing? This white kebaya model can be very interesting. The result is still sweet

From a series of white kebaya recommendations recommended by Hipwee Style, which do you think is the most tempting? For his subordinates, you are free to mix with any batik motif because that is one of the advantages of white kebaya, you want any color or motif, just enter and enter

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