14 Kece Accessories For Girls When Traveling. Let It Hits and It s Not That
12 September 2018 Alya Atika Putri Travel 147
14 Kece Accessories For Girls When Traveling. Let It Hits and It s Not That Traveling is an activity that is liked by all people, from various ages, levels of education to different financial levels. In this day and age, who doesn't like to walk and update photos on Instagram so that they still exist on social media? Well Hipwee wants to give some accessories tips that you can use for OOTD when traveling. You must apply these tips so that your style is not outdated with that appearance.

Instead of being curious, let's look at the following review.

For a leisurely walk, a flannel shirt tied at the waist won't bother you. You can use his shirt at night

This style is very suitable for you who will be outside the hotel all day. During the day you can take off your flannel shirt and tie it around your waist, but if you can use it at night, it will be cold. No need to bother carrying a change of clothes or jacket.

Use hot pants with rattan hat and bag accessories, it's really legitimate to play on the beach

Rattan bags are identical to vintage styles. But you can know how you mix with hot pants. No need for excessive shoes because the views of people are fixed with the hat you use. Do not carry things that are too heavy, if you suddenly break down in public, you will be embarrassed

Batik culottes are not only used for relaxing in the house, mix with basic color tops to make your appearance is unique and unusual

Who says that batik culottes can only be used at home or do relaxing activities? You can combine it with a boss with matching colors, or plain colors. Don't forget you have to be confident because your appearance this time is unique and will be the center of attention.

When you travel to a country with a different climate, you can combine turtle neck, angkle boot with a red jacket . Not monotonous, even cool, really

In a cold climate, you are required to wear warm clothes so you don't get cold. But that doesn't mean you can't be stylish with the limitations of this climate, it's smart if you combine them with cool results!

Sleeveless knee-length white dress, beach hat and rattan bag are harmonious when you traveling to the beach. No need to sit on the beach anymore because you are afraid your shirt is wet

If you like to play water on the beach and your pants or skirts are often wet because they are too long but don't like s*xy clothes, try using a blend of beach hats and rattan bags that are present. Besides being pleasing to the eye because of the harmonious blend of colors, this dress is not too short and not too long, just right.

Use sunglasses with contemporary models and plain black buckles that don't make you look cute. It's really cool!

Oversized shirts that are inserted into the jeans and added with a black buckle on top don't make your appearance look like that. Add sunglasses as a complement to match your buckle, surely all eyes are on you,

Baseball cap, hot pants and polka-dot socks if not put together are not tacky, you know. Supports your sporty style but still gives a funny impression

High polka-dot socks that bear a suit, combined with hot pants, to give a different impression on your feet. Add a baseball cap and a black backpack, make your appearance sporty and funny at the same time

Woven fabric that hits now, it's really cool if you become an accessory to complement your photo in a hot weather so that your skin is protected from the sun

Besides making your OOTD appearance even more cool, buying woven fabrics at tourist attractions is one of the efforts to help improve the welfare of the people around you. Use it during the day, you can avoid it at night. Whereas if you use it at night, you can avoid mosquitoes: D

Small woven fabric can be used as a substitute for bandana when you are traveling, just tie it in your head and then break your hair. Cool after

Woven fabrics are not always large and long. There is a size of woven fabric that is made smaller so that it is easy to use in various places, one of which you can use as a substitute for the bandana in the head so your head looks smaller.

Waist bag you can use as a substitute for your sling bag. Besides, it's safer from picking up too because it's located on your chest.

Sling bags with long straps often broach you when traveling, one of which is the fear of being targeted by pickpockets. You can change your sling bag with a more current waist bag, swiper swiper don't steal

Tie a red scarf that you have to your neck isn't a strange thing, plus a gatsby hat and don't forget to tie your hair so it's cool!

The scarf doesn't always have to be used as a dress trimmer so it's not plain. You can try a new way by tying a scarf to your neck. Don't forget to use the scarf with jeans jackets and gatsby hats or newsboy caps so that your appearance is even more dazzling!

You wear hijab and are afraid to look piled up when using hijabs and scarves made from woll at the same time, calm, it doesn't look monotonous, how come it's used as needed

If you are visiting a country with a climate that requires you to wear warm clothes, don't be afraid to use a hijab and a scarf made from woll at the same time. For the use of the scarf, you have to be very clever to wrap it around your neck so that it doesn't appear to overlap and interfere with the aesthetic of your OOTD photo.

Use twisted sandals and a relaxed top to show your sandals special. Used with a beach dress or casual cloth pants is the right choice

Nowadays there are lots of twisted sandals with various models and colors. Simply combine it with a casual top or beach dress, the important thing is that your sandals look. Your appearance is really suitable for OOTD holidays.

You have a hijab and want to use a skirt but still need leggings so that your nakedness is closed? Calm down doesn't give a full impression, as long as your leggings are black,

Have a 3/4 skirt and are you currently wearing a hijab? No need to feel strange if you use leggings to cover the remaining parts of the leg that have not been closed. Currently there are many models like this trend. Most importantly, you must be confident with what you use.

How about it For those of you who are preparing for travel, don't forget to prepare a few accessories above to support your OOTD and more hits on Instagram, who knows if you have a talent to be a celebrity.

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