14 Inspiration of Baby Girl Names Based on Foreign Flower Names. Unique, Beautiful and Not Market
23 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Young Mom 505
14 Inspiration of Baby Girl Names Based on Foreign Flower Names. Unique, Beautiful and Not Market What's the meaning of a name

Quotes from William Shakespeare that you have often heard. Many agree, there are many who argue because they consider names to be the most personal identities, as well as prayers of all time for the child. It is hoped that the better the name, the better his life will be.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a reference to a beautiful name for a baby girl, whether it's a prospective child or a prospective nephew, here Hipwee has collected 15 names of flowers from various languages in the world. Who knows, from the name given, the baby will grow as beautiful and beautiful as the flowers in the garden Come on, get ready to record and consider the following name

1. Kaleena means 'flower' in Czechoslovakia. Sometimes, it can also be called Kalina

2. Fill lily flowers in Hawaiian. Interested in using a name that is also used by former Chocolate band members first?

3. Fillea has the meaning of jasmine flowers in Arabic. Beautiful and really uncheck the name?

4. Fiorenza means flower in Italian. The name is sweet, elegant and quite easy to pronounce

5. Gandasuli is one of the white and yellow flowers in Indonesia. This name is still quite rarely used!

6. Jasmine jasmine flower in English. Although this name may have been used quite a lot, the charm is still not reduced yet

7. Naura from the word Nawrah which means flowers in Arabic. Beautiful, sweet and easy to pronounce

8. Zsuska lily flower in Hungarian. This unique name at first glance seems difficult to pronounce? Even though it's just "Suska", it's just

9. Sakura, a cherry blossom flower from Japan. Who does not know the name of this beautiful flower that is super hits from Japan?

10. Aiglentine or Aiglentina is a sweetbrier rose from French absorption. This sweet and elegant name can be an alternative for those who want to give the Rose name to their children

11. Fjura means flowers in the Maltese language. The pronunciation is not difficult, just 'Fyura'. This name is still rarely used

12. Camilla, from the name chamomile flower in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. From the name alone it feels really elegant

13. Kanerva, the name of heather flower in Finland. The name is simple, not adventurous but still unique

14. Malva or Malvina, the name hollyhock flower in Sweden. This name is also classified as not yet common in Indonesia you know

15. Shevanti is the name of chamomile flower in Hindi. This name is also often used by women in India you know

Well, if you like which name, Guys? Who has a proposed name based on the name of the interest in various other countries, let's comment below. The orderly comment, yes, can inspire others too. Hopefully this article is useful, Gaes

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