14 Ideas of Selendang Sumpul on Bahu for the Match of Kebaya. Anggun, Elegant and Special
26 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 251
14 Ideas of Selendang Sumpul on Bahu for the Match of Kebaya. Anggun, Elegant and Special Kebaya is one of the classic traditional clothes that you can create according to your tastes and needs. There are lots of accessories and elements that you can explore on kebaya, starting from small ones such as adding brooches to adding sequins, to scarves.

Well, this time Hipwee wants to give some ideas for applying and integrating shawls for your modern kebaya creations. No need to copy exactly the same, you can really create and modify it to your liking, as long as it's still appropriate and comfortable to wear. What is the creation of a beautiful scarf for kebaya? Let's see the following review!

1. You can modify the extra fabric on the shoulder as a shawl accent. He exclaimed, the scarf that is directly sewn together with kebaya like this doesn't need to be held or back and forth repaired because it's 'safe' installed

2. For those who want to look classic and elegant, adding shawl fabric with colors and fabrics similar to your kebaya like this is also worth a try,

3. The classic idea of wearing an extra shawl cloth that is semi-effective with your skirt is an idea that will never be timeless. Beautiful and elegant!

4. Sontek Annisa Pohan's style by attaching Palembang's golden pink songket on the shoulder. You can paste it with the pin so that your movements are not interrupted.

5. You can also add a batik cloth scarf with a simple model, if you want a simple style and no fun

6. For you worshipers of luxurious and elegant appearance, perhaps this scarf from pearl strands can be tried. Interested?

7. Using a cloth with matching colors on the shoulders and pinned with large brooches like this can be a small idea for you to dress your beautiful kebaya. Simple but still charming

8. The choice of the color of the shawl will also affect the overall appearance of your kebaya. For example, combining peach with lime green like this

9. You certainly will never go wrong in kebaya with an ulos shawl accent on the shoulder. Shining beauty like Kahi while shooting pre-wedding sessions

10. Casually attaching a batik shawl that matches a skirt like the one worn by Kahi can also make your kebaya look effortlessly beautiful

11. Give a sweet accent motif cut out extra flower brocade on your songket shawl. The impression is more luxurious and elegant

12. Using a jumputan fabric shawl as an additional accessory to the new flea kebaya will make your appearance more formal but elegant and luxurious

13. Give a beautiful and contemporary tassel accent to your songket shawl. Guaranteed the appearance of your kebaya to be more stunning and attractive

14. Vera Kebaya's ideas always make a lot of fun. This combination of red kebaya and songket shawl is guaranteed to make you look more radiant and beautiful

15. Traditional Thai clothing like Thai Chakkraphat and Thai Siwalai dresses like this can be an inspiration for laying your kebaya shawl. Can be crossed or dangled like this you know

From this series of fashion ideas, which one is your favorite? To be sure, make sure that the clothes you wear are comfortable, because they are as good as anything if you make it uncomfortable. Hopefully this article can inspire you!

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