12 Instagramable Destinations in East Sumba that are Epic and Beautiful. Must Come Here Sih
24 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 387
12 Instagramable Destinations in East Sumba that are Epic and Beautiful. Must Come Here Sih Hipwee Travel will provide special coverage of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. We named it Travel Exploration Reportage. Every month we will explore a destination that is often a traveler's dream. Not just the destination, we will also discuss the perspectives and other stories about the destination that have not been previously narrated.

For this month's destination, our choice fell to Sumba, a tourist attraction that is often called paradise left in the world. There are 5 articles in the Sumba Tourist Exploration Reportage that will be published every day. Consider the fifth article which contains references to instagramable destinations in East Sumba. Let's see! First article: Lake Weekuri, a piece of heaven that is left behind in Sumba. Blue Water Tosca and Glass Clear! Second article: Ratenggaro Traditional Village, the Most Beautiful Village on Sumba Island. The Magical Nuance Is So Great! Third article: Blooming Cherry Blossoms on Sumba Island. Don't Get Away to Japan For a View of Sakura Fourth article: A Backpacker Guide to Sumba 4 Days 3 Nights. Suitable for adventurous hobbies and wallets Pas Pasan!

The island of Sumba is indeed a beauty. In other places, most of the tourist attractions are only 1 or 2 types, all in Sumba. Call it, the beach is there, the waterfall is very much, traditional villages are lined up in many villages. If you want to search for sunset, there are many places available. Even those beautiful instagramable hills can be found easily there. Maybe only 1 is missing, volcano. Yes, you can't climb a volcano on Sumba. Hehehe.

Now, talking about tourist attractions, you should prioritize East Sumba District. Not to shrink the other areas in Sumba, but indeed the charm of tourism in East Sumba is gokil. There are so many types of tours and really cool. Well, this time Hipwee Travel will give 12 recommendations for hits tourist destinations in East Sumba. Save this article as a stock for your vacation in Sumba, right!

Walakiri Beach has a uniqueness that is hard to find elsewhere. Yes, this beach is famous for its epic dancing trees!

Wairinding Hill is already quite mainstream. But if you go to Sumba, it's illegal if you don't stop there

Puru Kambera Savana is a landscape that resembles Africa with an arid atmosphere. There is an asphalt road that is very rich in Hollywood-style cowboy films

Puru Kambera Beach is not far from the savanna. The sand is so white and really spoils the eyes.

Cherry blossoms are also growing in Sumba. Located not far from Waingapu, KW cherry blossoms grow on the side of the road. If you go to Puru Kambera you can find it easily.

For waterfall lovers, you should try to explore the instagramable Tanggedu Waterfall. Yes even though to reach this waterfall you have to walk quite far enough

Not only Wairinding, there is another hill that is not less beautiful, Tenau Hill, not far from Waingapu, or approximately 15 km. Enough to drive a motorcycle or car for 15-20 minutes, how come

There is one more hill that is quite popular, Bukit Tenarara, which is beautiful and not the same as Tenau Hill and Wairinding Hill < p class = 'sbjdl'> Praiyawang traditional village in East Sumba is no less exotic than traditional villages in Southwest Sumba

Waimarang waterfall is a hidden paradise in the remote parts of Sumba. Tosca's blue water refreshes the atmosphere. Although the location is quite far from Waingapu, but it is worth fighting for so beautifully

Wind Power Plant Moubokul is also very cute for photos

Finally, Bukit Persaudaraan Mau Hau presents panoramic views of green rice fields and the city of Waingapu. This location is the closest destination to the city. So if you come to Waingapu, visit there immediately

How, really exciting, isn't it exploring East Sumba? Not enough a day to come to everything. Yes, it's 3 days, so I'm satisfied to enjoy the heavenly beauty in East Sumba. If people usually come to Sumba via Tambolaka, you better just go through Waingapu to be satisfied to enjoy the panorama of East Sumba. Happy holidays huh, Gaes.

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