11 OOTD Kece with Cufflinks for you who are Hijab. Closed Arm, More Attractive Style
28 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 542
11 OOTD Kece with Cufflinks for you who are Hijab. Closed Arm, More Attractive Style Perhaps among you, the hijabers, there are those who still keep old clothes before using hijab? Don't throw it away!

You who are wearing hijab are certainly not familiar with the name cuff. Long-sleeved t-shirts that are usually worn as depths are usually used for transparent or short-sleeved clothing, the purpose of which is to keep the arms or upper body tightly closed. In fact, the use of cufflinks can actually be more flexible. Included as a complement when you want to wear clothes that are generally used by those who are not wearing hijab.

Gather again, your old clothes piled in the closet. Who knows, it can be used together with your cuff like this!

1. Not only can it be combined with a T-shirt, the cuffs are also perfect for complementing your short-sleeved shirt or your long-rolled sleeves 2. Short sleeved outer kimono with cool and comfortable material can be your cuff pair for casual occasions3. Do you have a collection of tunics with arms on it? Just mix it with a cuff that matches the color of its subordinates4. White cuffs are perfect if you wear them as an inner denim jacket. Then the subordinates of the pisket culottes are of contrasting color

5. Well, for a walk, it's nice to use loosely like a boss. Keep your arms closed, don't forget to use cuffs, yes! 6. For clothes to the office, you can mix a white kimono top with a cuff that is also white, then the subordinates are black. Use the hijab motif so that it is not stiff7. If you have a long, plain canal, but your arms are short, it's time to take out your cufflinks, your motives, then use them together! Your cuff will also help if you want to match it with a knee-length cardigan

9. Especially if you have a formal dress, mix it with black cuffs and then wear it for the evening wear. Not bad right? 10. Outer material that is thin and cool like this can you use the road to the mall or to the beach. I won't make it hot! Also suitable for long weaving vest equivalents, then the subordinates wear pants that fit so that they don't appear to race12. Don't hesitate to wear cuffs together with your brocade kebaya. Closed arms, maximal style is also more maximal

If you like experimenting with interesting outfits, there's nothing wrong with you trying to use cufflinks and matching them with the clothes above. Then don't forget to check it, the results can be uploaded for OOTD anyway!

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