1 Unusual Tours You Can Visit in Tana Toraja. Exciting and Anti Mainstream Certainly
12 September 2018 Zulcar Chaeril Travel 533
1 Unusual Tours You Can Visit in Tana Toraja. Exciting and Anti Mainstream Certainly Tana Toraja is one of the many tourist destinations that is attracted by travelers, both local and international. Many people take the time to visit to see attractions in Tana Toraja. Even though you have to take time off from work to enjoy the beauty of tourism in Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja is not a tourist spot that you can visit only on Saturdays and Sundays, its location far from Jakarta makes you have to prepare more time to be able to travel there. Using a plane from Jakarta to Makassar, it takes at least 2 hours to arrive at the international airport of Sultan Hasanudin, Makassar, then proceed using an overland journey using a car or bus for about 7 hours.

If you only have only 1 day in Tana Toraja does not mean you cannot enjoy the beauty of Tana Toraja, here are destinations that you can enjoy for 1 day in Tana Toraja.

1. Burial hill in Londa

When you first arrive in Tana Toraja you can go directly to Londa. Traveling in Tana Toraja you will be satisfied with the number of funeral tours. If you come from Makassar via pare-pare then Kalosi you will find Londa first after entering the city of Tana Toraja and before entering the city of Mantepao. This tourist location is a hill in which there are caves with lots of coffins. In Londa you can hire a guide who will bring a petromak lamp to take you into a cave with lots of coffins.

2. The next funeral Goa Kete Kesu

Other tourism tours are kete Kesu this tourist location located in rantepao, Tana Toraja. This tour also presents funeral tours, but not only a hill in which there is a cave to bury the corpse, there is also a graveyard which is made up of buildings including the statue. According to the Tana Toraja people, people who are made special tombs and statues usually have a high position in society.

3. Rest in Rantepao

After making a long trip to Tana Toraja and visiting Londa you can take a break and eat at Rantepao. In this city there are many halal foods, no need to worry about not getting halal food. Although there are many pork meatballs in this city.

4. The megalithic area of Kalimbuang Bori

Continuing the journey after resting can proceed to the megalithic area of kalimbuang Bori. Just like Kete\kesu and Londa, Limbung bori is also a funeral tour, but in this tour there is also a tongkonan. And also in Limbuang Bori there are towering stones or menhirs. Besides menhir, Tongkonan is also a place for Tana Toraja people to gather and also be used as a place to welcome guests when there are traditional ceremonies.

5. Grave for babies who die under 3 months, baby grave

Still in Kalimbuang Bori there is also a baby grave, a funeral for babies who are not under 3 months old. In contrast to humans who die over 3 months, these babies will be buried in a large tree which is gummy and is assured that the sap from the tree is believed to be a substitute for mother's milk.

6. Tongkonan Unik, tongkonan which is paired with dozens of buffalo horns

Also still in Kalimbuang Bori, there is a unique tongkonan, tongkonan, which is attached to many buffalo horns. It is also one of the attractions that you can visit during Kalimbuang Bori besides menhirs and baby graves.

7. Tana Toraja Weaving Center in Sa\dan To Barana

After being satisfied to travel to the cemetery in Tana Toraja, it is now time to look for souvenirs for family or close relatives. Weaving centers in Sa dan To Barana, weaving here are 2 types, namely those from Java, aka factory-made, but still prioritizing the distinctive colors of Tana Toraja and also the original weaving of the Tana Toraja people. Made in Java more affordable so it is suitable to be made as a souvenir for relatives or family at home.

8. Enjoy the night while enjoying Toraja coffee in the Kaa coffee shop

After a day of traveling in Tana Toraja, it's time for you to relax while enjoying the warmth of Toraja coffee. Coffee Shop This Kaa is very well known as one of the tourist destinations in Tana Toraja, it is not wrong if there are many media covering the coffee shop. Spending a night in this coffee shop before tomorrow will continue the journey again.

9. The land above the Lempe cloud, Lolai

After a day before spending a day wandering in Tana Toraja, in the morning you can enjoy clouds from above the country above awandi Lempe, Lolai. Here you can enjoy how beautiful the clouds are right in front of your eyes.

10. Take a break during the journey home on Miss Hill.

If you decide to go home on the same day through Kalosi, you can stop by a stall to rest or just stretch your legs on Miss Hill.

What are the tourist locations that you can stop even if you only have 1 day in Tana Toraja and maybe you will continue to Tanjung Bira or return to Makassar. For those of you who have flight tickets back to the city, on the same day it is recommended to take a night flight or the next day because the trip back to Makassar can take up to 7 hours. Or you still have 1 more day, you can stop in the city pare-pare a fairly large city and have beautiful beach tourism.


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