1 Trivial Habits That Can Threaten Your Kidney Health. That Works While Sitting More Than 8 Hours a Day, Read Yes
08 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 359
1 Trivial Habits That Can Threaten Your Kidney Health. That Works While Sitting More Than 8 Hours a Day, Read Yes The kidneys play an important role in your body. Not only being an organ to detoxify your internal organs, your kidneys also play a role in helping produce red blood cells, regulating blood pressure, removing excess fluid and controlling the level of all essential minerals in the blood. In addition, as reported from the Hello Healthy page, the kidney functions to control acidity in your body.

How vital is the role of your two kidneys in keeping your body healthy and functioning properly, making you need to be more sensitive in avoiding activities that have the potential to threaten kidney health. Well, what are the activities that you should monitor, so as not to interfere with your kidney health? Take a good look at Hipwee's review this time

1. The habit of holding the pee better should not continue now. It's dangerous, it's not worth it!

When you hold your pee, your cheeks will last longer in the bladder. This can provoke faster bacterial growth. Well, if this is done repeatedly, it can trigger kidney infection.

2. Sitting for too long is very risky to disrupt your kidney health. Hayo, who used to sit for a long time, be careful!

Sitting for a long time, for example more than 8 hours a day without actively standing and moving can increase the risk of kidney disease by up to 30%. Therefore, make sure you stay active when you sit too much.

3. Excessive exercise is also vulnerable to 'hurting' your kidneys. Yes, the excess is really not good

Exercising hard for long periods of time can cause rhabdomyolysis, a condition where your muscles are injured and the contents of dead fibers enter the bloodstream. This can cause serious complications, including kidney failure. Ugh, please

4. Using too many painkillers also turns out to be dangerous for your kidney health.

Although anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen are safe with the right doses, continuous overuse can damage the body and cause kidney failure. This condition can be aggravated if your kidneys are already disturbed.

5. Not drinking enough water is also very bad for kidney health. Come on, multiply the consumption of water from now on

Staying well hydrated can help urine products to get rid of sodium and toxins from the body. Therefore, lack of drinking water daily can trigger serious health problems, including the risk of kidney stones. Duh, God forbid don't let it go.

6. Like staying up late not only drains your energy, but also increases your risk of kidney damage too.

This is one reason why having enough rest at night is very important, not only for mental but also for kidney health. Your sleep and wake schedule has a role in kidney function. This organ tissue is only renewed during sleep, so when you lack sleep you interfere with this process and potentially threaten your own kidney health. In addition, lack of sleep can cause atherosclerosis or thickening and blockage of arteries. This condition can trigger an increase in pressure and can make your kidneys work harder and over time can cause kidney failure. Come on, less or less stay up.

7. Hobbies of drinking soft drinks or bottled drinks should be reduced from now on. Even though there is no one who likes to lose it

According to health experts, there is a close relationship between consumption of diet soda and kidney problems. In 2009, a study showed that more than 3,000 people who drank 2 or more sodas every day had significant kidney function disorders.

8. Too much meat eating is also not healthy. Yep, because excess protein is not good for you too

Eating excess animal protein can make excess acid in the blood to cause acidosis, a condition in which your kidneys cannot maintain the pH balance in the body. This is what can cause acute digestive problems and chronic kidney problems. So balance your daily protein consumption with enough fruits and vegetables, Guys!

9. The salt and sugar you consume in food will be processed in the kidneys. So you can imagine if you consume too much?

Eating too many salt products can make your kidneys work harder in processing excess sodium. Excessive consumption of sugar in food also contributes to increased blood pressure, which can cause obesity, increasing the risk of diabetes which triggers kidney failure. So limit the consumption of processed foods in packs that are high in sugar and salt.

10. Do not heed the trivial infections that you are experiencing. It could be that it triggers other infections

Do not ignore long-lasting pain, including pain triggered by infection. Get enough rest, consume antibiotics according to your doctor's prescription and maintain a healthy lifestyle can prevent you from infections that can attack the kidneys.

To keep the kidneys healthy, the point is don't forget to always eat nutritious balanced foods, get enough sleep and be well hydrated. Don't forget to balance physical activity too if you have been sitting too many hours. Come on, keep your kidneys healthy so that your body stays healthy until old! Aside from not having to pay much for medical treatment, healthy is far more enjoyable right?

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