1 Transformation of Celebrity Hairstyles Makes You More PD to Cut Bangs. Yes
28 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 272
1 Transformation of Celebrity Hairstyles Makes You More PD to Cut Bangs. Yes Haircuts are a big decision. Especially for those who are not used to trimming hair or changing hair styles that are different from normal. Let alone change hairstyles, for girls, cutting bangs only requires careful consideration. The reason is, if you cut it off, it's wrong to make the face look weird and not as expected.

Indeed, you actually just dare to be creative just to be creative. But, maybe for you still in the weighing stage, you can see the transformation of some celebrities who cut off their bangs as reference material. Yes, even though the difference is so far if compared to your face. At least you can guess and choose the bangs model that suits you later.

1. Putri Titian has always been better known as her bob hair with bangs. This hairstyle does make her face look cute plus her chubby cheeks

2. Without changing the black hairstyle, the Maudy Ayunda's front bangs are slightly blowy balancing the oval face

3. Dian Sastro also had time to cut her bangs to perfect the style of the 90s with bob hair falling. He often mixes and wears simple white clothes

4. Raisa's long layer bangs can be an option to prevent an appearance that looks awkward when your hair has started to grow

5. Andien's face which tends to be square can be covered by the jaw by cutting the hair into short ears. The Poninya itself can be for variations in appearance

6. Nagita Slavina is also not worried that her face looks even more round when she bangs. He outsmartes it by making the side sideways more elongated to balance the silhouette of the face

7. If you are a person who is easily bored and enough PD to change hairstyles, bowl hair with super short bangs in the style of Poppy Sovia is worth trying

8. Or if you want to cut the side bangs to be shorter than usual, Isyana Sarasvati's hair-style bangs will definitely not disappoint you

9. Tatjana Saphira has thinner hair, but the trick of cutting bangs and flattening her hair without layers is an adorable way

10. You who have a thin face like Anissa Aziza is suitable for wearing front bangs that are made thick. Add the bottom of your hair to balance

Having hair with bangs is really tricky. You have to wash it often so it won't be flat and oily. Besides the appearance, it doesn't stand out if the bangs are cold and greasy, your forehead can be an easy target for the bacteria that causes acne, right? Now, so consider first about the cleanliness, especially. The rest, you just choose who want to use bangs like who. Congratulations on creating your hair, yeah!

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