1 Stunning 3D Applique Inspirations for Contemporary Party Dresses. What is a Tree Shirt Can Get the Flowers Out
18 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 267
1 Stunning 3D Applique Inspirations for Contemporary Party Dresses. What is a Tree Shirt Can Get the Flowers Out Speaking of beauty, it doesn't feel like it's just a matter of makeup and hair. Beautiful clothing certainly supports the appearance of a smaller and more complete. Well, for those of you who will soon attend a special event and need party dress inspiration, maybe these 10 3D sequin application ideas from Hipwee can help you upgrade your party dress so it's not so.

3D applique technique in fashion has long been famous. Besides being able to make clothes more beautiful, it also gives the impression of unique and luxurious. Let's look at the 3D model of applique inspiration that has been collected by Hipwee. This can be a reference when you want to sew this beautiful party dress

1. Give your dress a luxurious impression with an additional 3D applique dangling like this on the chest of your dress. So it looks more elegant right?

2. Simple cut dresses look more beautiful with the addition of 3D floral applique like this. Really beautiful?

3. With a simple 3D applique butterfly motif, a simple long dress like this can be more attractive

4. The magic of your beautiful dress becomes even smaller with the addition of 3D applique flowers and leaves on the shoulders and arms. Very beautiful right? Especially with the addition of belts from velvet ribbons like this

5. The simple 3D detail of a glossy flower applique with beautiful stones like this will definitely enhance your appearance. Guaranteed you will make eye contact stare in awe

6. A 3D applique sprinkling of fabric like this will make your dress look more luxurious and expensive. If the placement is right, your dress will look more elegant you know

7. A rather large 3D applique flower with pastel colors and pearl ornaments will make your dress look more luxurious. It could be a wedding dress inspiration too!

8. Additional 3D applique in the form of flowers can be a good idea for those of you who want to appear in soft color dresses like nude creme for example. If you are smart in positioning, your dress can look like a storm!

9. 3D applique technique with brocade will be a perfect blend for your dress. So it looks even smaller right?

10. For you who wear hijab, the application of 3D applique will make the dress more luxurious and expensive, not boring and more charming. Interested in trying?

Well, if you like which model of dress is the most, Guys? The important thing is to know, dresses like this are usually priced at slightly more expensive prices because the applications are relatively more complicated and difficult. Hopefully the inspiration from Hipwee this time can be useful!

Source : https://www.hipwee.com/category/style/