1 Photos of Tents that Don t Make Sense Is Really Used to Sleep or Just Create a Doang Sih Photo
26 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 253
1 Photos of Tents that Don t Make Sense Is Really Used to Sleep or Just Create a Doang Sih Photo Instagram often displays photos with a high aesthetic value even though sometimes it doesn't make sense. In recent times, the trend of traveling has changed. Instagram makes vacation people prioritize photos. Latest trends, people traveling with tents and complete traveling equipment. The location is usually on the beach, cliffs, mountains and so on. But usually it is only used as a photo decoration. They don't really stay or sleep in that extreme place.

Actually it doesn't matter if vacation is concerned with photos only. But this shift in traveling trends is an Instagram account called @youdidnotsleepthere. This account reposts photos where celebrities put up tents as if they would stay and sleep in various extreme locations in the world. This account pokes the program with hashtag that matches the username, which is #youdidnotsleepthere which means you don't really sleep there. Looks like this account wants to highlight the behavior of celebrities who look cool by installing tents that don't seem to make sense just for the sake of your photos. Here are the photos that were selected by @youdidnitsleepthere.

Who would bother to sleep on the edge of a cliff where there is a gaping ravine right and left? Yep, for the sake of Instagram's photo, it's okay to install the tent and then take it off again. Hehehe

When winter with thick snow like this, the temperature is usually above minus 10 degrees. How can you lie down and cook water with just a t-shirt? This photo is for Instagram only

Two things that make this person impossible to really sleep here. First his back will hurt, the second he can die silly.

Too many edits that look fantasy. It's unlikely there really is a tent there, let alone sleep in it. A splash of a waterfall can only make a tent soaked in an instant.

This blue tent should be for a single photo, but why are there little kids there? The more confident that #youdidnotsleepthere

is the most mainstream type of photo on Instagram and there are still many who use it. It doesn't make sense for the tent, but how do followers like it a lot. Hehehe

This tent is just entered hard, especially for lying down. Just installing a tent in this place is already difficult, let alone really occupied. Hehe

This is if this person is really sleeping here, the next day is already greeting people. Hehehe. Yes, just make a photo on Instagram

This caption is a winner, hehe ... View this post on Instagram

as confident as @realdonaldtrump that global warming is a hoax. #youdidnotsleepthere photo @legangdesmoustaches

A post shared by @ youdidnotsleepthere on Dec 30, 2017 at 9:09 am PST

What is it like to sleep in a place that isn't flat like this? It's impossible to sleep there

It's okay to have photos of this time. But what is the essence? To be more adventurous, traveler, or what? It's useless if all is artificial or fake. It would be better if it was really done (sleeping in a tent), of course with a safer and less dangerous location.

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