1 Oldest Cities in Indonesia. There are already hundreds or even thousands of years
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1 Oldest Cities in Indonesia. There are already hundreds or even thousands of years Even though Indonesia as a country is only 73 years old, actually the civilization in the archipelago is very old. As is well known, the historical age in the archipelago has started since the era of the Kutai Kertanegara Kingdom in the 3rd century. After that, settlements and trade also developed rapidly. These settlements and trade centers eventually became a city. There are cities that still exist today. Not a few have lost history.

Try answering this question, how old is your hometown? Certainly not many know the age of each city. It turns out that the age of cities in Indonesia is not only decades, some are hundreds or even thousands of years! Can you guess which city is more than 1 millennium?

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10. The capital city of Jakarta is in the 10th position of the oldest city in Indonesia. This year Jakarta is 491 years old

The city of Jakarta has a long history. Initially the city originated from a port named Sunda Kelapa, the kingdom of the Sunda Kingdom. On June 22, 1527, Sunda Kelapa was captured from the Portuguese by Fatahillah. The city was later called Jayakarta, Batavia then Jakarta after Indonesia's independence. Jakarta is 491 years old and has a long history that is meaningful to the Indonesian people.

9. Who would have thought Bogor City was one of the oldest cities in Indonesia? The city of Bogor is the capital of the Kingdom of Pajajaran with its King Prabu Siliwangi

The Sunda Kingdom has its capital at Pajajaran which is believed to be based in Bogor. On June 3, 1482, King Siliwangi was crowned king at Pajajaran. His coronation day was made as the anniversary of Bogor City. This year Bogor has been 536 years old. Yes, even though it is quite inadequate, the date of Prabu Siliwangi's coronation became Bogor's anniversary. Hehehe. Oh yes, in the Dutch era, Bogor was called Buitenzorg.

8. Cirebon Shrimp City is also one of the oldest cities in Indonesia. This city on the north coast of Java is 630 years old!

As a city in the coastal area, Cirebon started as a small village and port called Muara Jati. This village later developed into a city in the Sunda Galuh kingdom. The date of standing of the shrimp city was agreed on December 31, 1388.

7. Probolinggo has existed since the end of the Majapahit period. It used to be just a small village on the mouth of the Banger river

This beachfront area was born on September 4, 1359, at the end of the Majapahit period. Probolinggo is located in the Province of East Java, precisely on the horseshoe of the north coast of Java. The city is 659th birthday this year. Probolinggo's famous tour is Mount Bromo.

6. The City of Heroes of Surabaya is 725 years old in 2018. The city is very legendary and has become a bustling port since the Majapahit Kingdom

On May 31, 1293 was the moment when Raden Wijaya (the first king of Majapahit) won a victory over the Mongols who came to attack Java. It was the day of victory that became the anniversary of Surabaya. This city grew up especially since it was controlled by the Dutch East Indies because the port was so crowded.

5. Serambi Mekah Banda Aceh is also included in the oldest city in Indonesia. The city is 813 years old. Old is true, it turns out this city is at the western end of Indonesia

Banda Aceh is the capital of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam, one of the earliest Islamic empires coming to the archipelago. The anniversary of Banda Aceh was April 22, 1205. Now the age of the city that was hit by the tsunami in 2004 has reached 813 years.

4. The city of Magelang has been established since the time of the Hindu Mataram Kingdom. Now this flower city is 1111 years old, aka more than 1 millennium!

April 11, 907 was designated as the anniversary of the City of Magelang based on an Mentyasih inscription. Mentioned in the inscription that Mentyasih Village and Glanggang Village became the land of the aliases not taxed and led by a patih. Mantyasih is what then turns into Meteseh, while Glangglang changes to Magelang.

3. Kediri City has existed since 804, where at that time the center of civilization was still in Central Java (Ancient Mataram)

According to the Hairinjing inscription, dated March 25, 804, the name Kediri was mentioned that year. In the end, Kediri became big and became known as the kingdom of Panjalu and then became the kingdom of Kediri. Now the age of Kediri is 1,214 years. Very old and legendary is this one city.

2. You won't think that Salatiga is the second oldest city in Indonesia. This city has been established since July 24, 750. About 150 years older than Kediri!

Similar to Magelang, Salatiga's birthday was also based on inscriptions. In the Plumpungan inscription in 750, this village was made into a taxation area which was not taxed because of the merit of the king. That way, Salatiga's age has reached 1,268 years. I never thought it was that old.

1. For you Palembang residents, the city you live in is the oldest city in Indonesia. His age is now 1,335 years

The history of Palembang cannot be separated from the Kingdom of Srivijaya. In the Kedukan Bukit inscription, Palembang was established on June 17, 683. This city became one of the centers of glory of the Srivijaya Kingdom at that time. Not only famous in the archipelago, the prestige reached abroad. His age is now 1,335 years. Not many cities in the world are older than Palembang.

So, the city where you live is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, isn't it?

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