1 Ideas for a 1-Room Minimalist Pavilli House Plan, for You New Bride or Single
20 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 421
1 Ideas for a 1-Room Minimalist Pavilli House Plan, for You New Bride or Single Owning your own home is the dream of newly married couples, especially for those who want to learn independently and want to build a new household. If you have reckless capital, building your own house, even though it's still mini-sized, feels much more comfortable than having to live in a parent's house or a beautiful cottage-in-law. No, bro?

Well, for those of you who plan to stay at home, there is no harm in looking for house plans for consideration. Although still in the air, you can start planning and saving for the future with your partner later. This time Hipwee Tips will review 11 plans for a pavilion house plan with 1 room for you to live with your loved one later. Shh, if you are single, you are not forbidden to start investing in building your own house. Let's look together!

1. Minimalist home design with a terrace for the living room and main room like this can be tried if you like to breathe fresh air directly

2. You who need a small parking space to store the motorbike can also design this. The living room is quite minimalist but the rooms are quite spacious and spacious

3. For those who have large enough land, can try the design of this 1-room house. The dining room and living room are large and very spacious

4. Who wants to have a terrace to relax and the living room for a long time, this house plan can be glanced at. Plus the bedroom is spacious and big for both

5. Those who like gardening, plans with all the front and back pages like this can be an inspiration. Plus there is a garage for the car too

6. For those of you who like to relax on the terrace in the morning or evening, you can try the house design with the addition of an outside terrace next to this main room

7. The design of one-room, two-story house like this can be a great idea for those who want to design a growing house. The top part is just concrete, whenever there is a fortune it can add more space

8. For those of you who like open space design, a house with a minimalist design but many glass doors like this are worth trying

9. Create a house with your one-bedroom pavilion with a unique design like this. Your room is made on the 2nd floor, so it's more private along with the bathroom inside

10. A fairly complete design but still solid like this you can try. He exclaimed, including the design of the walk-in closet where you also store your clothing collection in the room

11. For those of you who like the minimalist home design that is currently in style, you can try this home design like this with the open kitchen concept that joins the living room. Interested in trying?

Well, now you just choose what kind of house concept you want to have. Of course this is just inspiration, so you can adjust it to your personal tastes and needs. Even better if the concept of your house is a growing house, where your house is designed to still be rebuilt, for example vertically by preparing the 2nd floor which can later be rebuilt. Yes, for now it might be enough with a one-room design, if there is sustenance and want to add more rooms there is no need to bother thinking about the land again. Hopefully this article can inspire you

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