1 Halloween Makeup Inspirations That Don t Have to Be Spooky, Beautiful and Mystical Themes Can Be Applied
31 Oktober 2018 Dwita Apriliani Style 463
1 Halloween Makeup Inspirations That Don t Have to Be Spooky, Beautiful and Mystical Themes Can Be Applied Most girls prefer makeup makeup because they want to show their natural beauty. In fact, appearing occasionally with unique Halloween-themed makeup should also be tried. Because you don't just look different than usual, but it's also more interesting and shows your exciting personality.

Especially if your surroundings hold a real Halloween party. Not only outfits that are adjusted like ghosts, but also facial makeup that is no less creepy. FYI, performing horror can still show your beauty, you. For that, consider ten inspiring Halloween makeup that is interesting and makes people reluctant to turn the following.

1. Give a little dark touch of makeup through purple lipstick that is in line with eye makeup. Don't forget to paint bats and cobwebs that are identical to Halloween celebrations

2. You can also emit an elegant appearance through maroon lipstick accompanied by bright makeup and light in the eyes. On the other hand, add paintings of tree branches and flying birds that make you like Princess Forest in a fairy tale

3. You can try the mix of maroon lipstick with colorful eyeshadow occasionally. For the feel of Halloween to be felt, you add a snake painting that makes you like a Goddess of Snake

4. For those of you who want to look different with makeup almost filling the entire face, you can apply the following Halloween makeup. Even though the colors and faces are covered, your beauty is still visible, lo

5. Who says to look spooky is forbidden to use bright red lipstick? As long as your powder is as white as this and accompanied by some makeup, your vampire's face after drinking blood is no less scary as in the horror movie

6. Appearing graceful at Halloween moments is fine. For example, use princess-style outfits, then for the spooky nuances you can try drawing a replica of the brain on the forehead - complete with blood flow. Hiii !!

7. Who says coming to Halloween party can't look cute? You better try the following makeup and hunt for it afterwards:))

8. If you want to appear with a sister-style theme that doesn't work, this one can be a reference. Two braided hair, give a little dark eye bag and eyeshadow, and dark lipstick with a touch of dark green

9. Appearing as a forest dweller like the one in a fairy tale is a reference for your favorite Halloween makeup if you want to show her flawless face. You can use this Princess Forest style sontek with green freckles on the cheeks and nose, and cherry red glowsy lipstick

10. For those of you who want to show the tough side of a woman like the Evil Queen who has magic power, you can really use all-gold makeup. Hmm ... Elegant and full of power!

You can't use ten of these Halloween makeup everyday. But, the idea can be used to occasionally appear in a more attractive and different style than usual. But if you follow a real Halloween party, you can try everything. Congratulations on experimenting with makeup and giving uniqueness to your style once in a while

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