1 Fun Photo Spots in Nganjuk that are a shame if you don t try the children of the present. Come on, come here
29 November 2018 ReniKristianii Travel 680
1 Fun Photo Spots in Nganjuk that are a shame if you don t try the children of the present. Come on, come here

It's not complete if the moment of your walk is not perpetuated. Moreover, the children of millennial like this are definitely, rather than just posting selfie photos, it's better to try taking pictures in 7 places with instagramable photo spots in Nganjuk City. You are guaranteed to be more hits and addicted to come to Nganjuk again.

1. Watu Songgong Hill

Watu Songgong Hill is located in Ngroto Hamlet, Margopatut Village, Sawahan District, Regency Nganjuk. This interesting photo spot turned out to be a process for one of the locals. The endemic rock formations that form the ligkaran-shaped path pattern and the letter S successfully attract many visitors. In addition, it is said that someone who touched the rock on Bukit Watu Songgong will soon get a mate, you know.

2. Embung Estumulyo

Embung Estumulyo is one of the natural attractions located in Bulu Rejo Village, Sawahan District , Nganjuk Regency. The view of the split hill and calm water reflecting the shadow of the scenery above makes Embung Estumulyo more beautiful and instagramable. The place in the middle of the forest also makes Embung Esumulyo more interesting to visit. The cool and full atmosphere is also a plus point for this place.

3. Sedudo Waterfall

Waterfall located in Ngliman Village, Sawahan District, Nganjuk Regency is a place tours that have been crowded, even this Sedudo Waterfall tour was also visited by My Trip My Adventure. The height of this waterfall is 105 meters. In this Sedudo Waterfall tourist site every year there is always a ritual ceremonial ceremony that is held in the month of Suro or 1 Muharram. In addition to the view of the waterfall, in Sedudo water attractions, there are also interesting photo spots, namely a small house with a simple design that is close to the waterfall, and there are still many interesting, cool, and other Instagram photo spots.

4. Perning Reservoir

Initially this perning reservoir is a reservoir as usual, which is used to irrigate rice fields in the surrounding area . But because of its beauty, many young people use the reservoir for selfies because it's cool and Instagramable. Now the Perning Reservoir is used as a tourist spot too.

5. Watu Lawang

Watu lawang is also one of the famous natural attractions in Nganjuk. My Trip My Adventure also stopped by here. Watu Lawang is famous for its stunning views of its multilevel waterfalls. Even though you have to climb far up to see this multilevel waterfall view, all will be paid when you reach the top. Spot photos of multilevel waterfalls and mountain views and clouds can make your Instagram more colorful and of course hits.

6. Lor Nganjuk Temple

Lor Temple is a temple building made of red bricks which is believed to be a monument the forerunner to the establishment of Nganjuk Regency which is commemorated every April 10 every year. Uniquely in the Lor Temple building there is a large tree whose roots spread throughout the temple building. So that the tree looks like binding on the Lor Temple building so it doesn't collapse. Of course this can be a list of interesting photo spots for you who want to hunt cool photos and hits.

7. Yoe Kiong Hok Temple

Hok Yoe Kiong Temple is a place of worship for the Tridharma people located in kilometer 5 before enter Nganjuk City. the building of Hok Yoe Kiong Temple is not too big, but the Yoe Kiong Hok Temple has a unique feature that is not possessed by other temples, namely the presence of a tall pile of land about one meter in one of the altar rooms. Tumukan the land is presented by Ya Ong or the Semut King. Many interesting photo spots that you can try in this Yoe Kiong Hok Temple. You will not be guaranteed to hunt for photos in this place.

8. Nganjuk Square

Nganjuk Square is located in the center of Nganjuk City and every day is never empty the visitor. In Nganjuk Square there are also rides for children's games. The instgramable photo spot in Nganjuk Square is located on the icon of the Nganjuk Square itself. However, besides the writing icon, there are still many other Instagramable photo spots in Nganjuk Square, which are banyan trees in the middle of Nganjuk Square, as well as small buildings lined up around the center of Nganjuk Square.

9. Snow Ngetos Hill

On Snow Ngetos Hill you will be greeted with lots of interesting photo spots which has been arranged neatly and instagramable. The Snow Hill area is filled with pine trees that soar so that it makes Bukit Salju shady and cool. One of the interesting photo spots of Bukit Salju Ngetos is the decoration of colorful umbrellas that adorn the ceiling of the entrance of the Ngetos Snow Hill gate. This Snow Ngetos Hill is located in Ngetos District, Nganjuk Regency.

10. Taman Pandan Wilis

Taman Pandan Wilis is a relatively new tourist spot in Nganjuk City. in the Wilis Park, there are fountains and large fish ponds. The view of the surrounding rice fields and mountains as far as the eye can see makes this place you can make as an interesting and contemporary photo spot. Pandan Wilis Park is located in Werungotok Village, Nganjuk Regency.

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