1 Collection of Acupressure Points to Relieve Mild Pain. Only the Finger Capital
23 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Tips 261
1 Collection of Acupressure Points to Relieve Mild Pain. Only the Finger Capital Most people like to rely on their health complaints by consuming chemical drugs. Little headaches, take medication; can't stand because of insomnia, use drugs again. Whereas for mild cases of disease complaints, the acupressure technique can be practiced alone easily. Only with hand fingers, in a relatively short time the problem was resolved. This acupressure will stimulate blood circulation and the nervous system, also release the body's energy through the meridians by pressing certain points related to other parts of our body.

If you don't take any medication at all, try to press some acupressure points that can relieve health complaints that are commonly experienced in everyday life.

1. When the headache attacks, you can press it slowly in the basin between the back of your thumb and index finger 2. As soon as you feel the symptoms of a runny nose, immediately push the back of the toe in the inner edge3. To avoid nausea from motion sickness, look for a point about five inches from the wrist in the middle of the inner hand, then press for five minutes4. Place 4 fingers above the highest point of your ankle, apply strong pressure at this point when you experience abdominal cramps due to menstruation

5. To relieve a sore neck, press the point located below the right and left back of the skull bone basin with the thumb 6. For those of you who work all day in front of a laptop, often massage the center of your eyebrows to rest your tense eyes7. You who have difficulty defecating, try massage-massage one finger below the navel to trigger the intestine to digest and remove the remaining food more smoothly8. As for the continuous defecation of diarrhea, press three fingers on the inside of the elbow!

9. If you are panicking and a little stressed, press the point in the middle of your palm 10. Now, especially for those of you who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping, try using your thumb to press gently onto the inner side of the pulse

Although this acupressure technique is useful for relieving some mild health complaints, you also need to pay attention so that it is not misused. For example, for those of you who are pregnant, it's good not to do this acupressure technique because it is feared it will trigger contractions. Or do not also do this after eating heavily, taking medication or after doing tiring physical activity. So practice when your body is relaxed. Hopefully useful, yes!

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