1 Class and Work Fashion Inspirations with Cigarette Pants. Solution to Appear Formal without a Span Skirt
12 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 503
1 Class and Work Fashion Inspirations with Cigarette Pants. Solution to Appear Formal without a Span Skirt Performing cool at all times is the dream of many people, especially when it comes to dealing with work or college. If you look lethargic and don't take care, it will definitely make your self confidence drop? One way to always look interesting is to smartly mix and match the everyday clothes you wear.

Now, as an alternative for those of you who think that formal clothing should be full of span skirts, try wearing cigarette pants that look formal but still comfortable to wear even though you have to move all day. Cigarette pants are fabric or denim pants with a straight model and narrow down and usually hang a few centimeters above the ankles. Let me not be confused anymore about how to match the chic and classy way, check out the inspiration from Hipwee this time!

1. Combine a neutral color blouse or sweater, for example white or cream with dark-colored cigarette pants, for example black. To be more chic, choose a shoe with a deep color sandals, for example maroon or emerald green

2. The classic shirt blend with cigarette pants with formal and formal black loafers can be your friend when you have to go to college or work. Impressed more professional but still comfortable all day

3. Not just having to be dark, you can try out cigarette pants in bright colors, such as mint like this

4. Try the sweet color like this brick brown. You can mix it with a preppy look like this

5. Add this outer like neutral color blazer above your blouse. Guaranteed to look more chic and professional

6. Pair navy blue cigarette pants with bright yellow or mustard yellow that can make your skin look brighter. Very fitting for a relaxed work day

7. Who needs to look very formal but still impressed high-fashion, try to look at this neutral color setting. In order not to seem boring, you can wear a sneaker as a spur

8. You can also look for cigarette pants with accents of hemispheres above the ankles like this. Funny?

9. Try combining neutral long-sleeved turtle neck with patterned cigarette pants like this. Sweet

10. Combine your cigarette pants with a sweater stacked in pink and a shirt like this. Beautiful and elegant

11. Collar top tops are perfect pairs for cigarette pants like this. Super beautiful, feminine but still formal

It's not difficult to make it look neat, formal and sweet with ciggarete pants? Besides being able to wear to your office or campus, you can also wear it when there is an official family event. It's smart to combine it, guaranteed you will look elegant and charming despite the minimal additional knick knacks. Hopefully the inspiration from Hipwee is useful this time!

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