1 Cafe with Instagramable Food Menu in Bali. So Beautiful So Sweetheart For Eating
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1 Cafe with Instagramable Food Menu in Bali. So Beautiful So Sweetheart For Eating

Bali is not dead. Sea, beaches, mountains, temples, parks, statues, crafts, spot sunset, sunrise spots, everything is there and never make bored. Every time I go back to Bali there are always new things that can be explored in Bali. You yourself like to go to Bali?

Bali is also full of places to eat. Not only delicious, but also visually cute. So you can eat well, all the photos so that the Instagram feed gets smaller. Come join Hipwee to play 10 instagramable cafes in Bali. This is the list. Don't forget to mark it.

1. Breakfast, lunch, until dinner at Kilo Bali. A cute place and good food makes you feel at home.

Kilo Bali has a modern, minimalist, chic and homy interior. Food at Kilo Bali is also delicious. Pantesan many like. Kilo Bali is open from 8am to 3pm, close briefly, then continue again at 6pm until 11pm. The price range at Kilo Bali starts from IDR 25,000 - IDR 275,000. The location is in the Seminyak area.

2. Warung Gauthe has a cute place. The food is also delicious with a variety of choices and cheap menus.

Warung Gauthe is a concept similar to a warung that provides delicious foods from various menus such as local, Asian, western menus. to vegetarians. The location is in Legian. This is the most cute stalls at low prices in Bali. The food price is Rp. 30,000 on average, per serving.

3. Eat while watching rice fields at Nook. Even though it doesn't use air conditioning, but the air is really good because of a lot of breeze.

Nook is a very favorite restaurant. The food at Nook is delicious and lots of choices. Starting from local Balinese food such as nasi campur, Asian food to western food there. The menu choices start from a healthy menu full of vegetables or a full cholesterol meat menu. If you eat at Nook, prepare IDR 100,000 per person, yes. The location is in Kerobokan.

4. This Kynd Community Resto has the characteristic of an eye cathcy mural. The food in this restaurant is also tasty and healthy.

Kynd Community calls itself a necessity of life. Kynd Community sells plant based food, aka foods made from plants, aka vegan foods. The presentation of each food is really good and very instagramable. There is also a light pink wall decorated with murals of fresh green leaves. I think this is the most instagramable dining place. The price of the most expensive food is around 70 thousand rupiahs and is only open from 6am to 5pm. The location is in Seminyak.

5. Try the pink latte at the beautiful and delicious Coffee Cartel. Coffee is not just black.

Pink latte at Coffee Kartel is a great champion and is a favorite of visitors. The pink color is also very instagramable. Not to mention if the barist again has the mood to make latte art really good. It's a shame to drink it, it's so good. Besides coffee, Coffee Kartel is also a western food sale that is gluten free and vegan. The price range in the Coffee Cartel is around Rp. 25,000 - Rp. 100,000. Coffee Cartel is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you go to Seminyak, try the photos while holding the Coffee Cartel latte.

6. The fruits arranged in the bowl are always interesting. Then Bowls has lots of smooth and tasty smoothies and fruits.

Nalu Bowls has 4 branches in Bali; Canggu, Seminyak, Krobokan and Pecatu Kuta. Nalu Bowls provides various types of smoothies using local fruits. The smoothie presentation is cute. The restaurant is also very nice. Nalu Bowls is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The price is about Rp. 60 thousands per bowl.

7. Entering The Loft feels like it's included in the pictures on Pinterest. The food is so beautiful that it doesn't have the heart to eat.

The Loft is located in Canggu. This cafe tends to be crowded. He has indoor and outdoor seating and both are equally cute and very spoiled. The menu available at The Loft is a western menu. The price range is around 100 thousand per person. The Loft is open from 6.30 am to 10am.

8. Try a swing made from makrame at Cafe Organic. Instagram is really the photo goal on this swing.

Cafe Organic has the characteristic of white furniture. Very suitable for photos with white and clean tones. Cafe Organic only has an outdoor room complete with gentle sea breezes. Very comfortable eating here. The food sold at Cafe Organic is vegetarian food. The price of food here is no more than Rp. 100,000. Cafe Organic is located in Seminyak.

9. Cobain photos upstairs with the background of dusk sky and dozens of umbrellas on The Lawn. This is the Instagram goal.

The Lawn is one of the favorite cafes for pursuers of instagramable spots. The location on the beach is really right to get sunset moments. Not to mention there are many cute umbrellas and lights among coconut trees. Really picnic style. The price of the food tends to be more expensive, around 200 thousands per person. The Lawn is located in Canggu and is open at 11 am - 11 pm.

10. At the end of the alley in Seminyak there is a very cute restaurant. Shelter Cafe even though it's narrow but cute.

If the owner says Shelter Cafe, he makes this cafe a place to gather creative people. It has really looked like his creative intentions start from an unusual place to a funny food presentation. The menu at the Shelter Cafe is western with a price range of IDR 25,000 - IDR 100,000. The location is in Seminyak, at the end of the alley near Queens Tandoor.

It's fun to eat well in a cute place. You can choose according to your taste and budget too. Paint it for your next trip to Bali.

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