1 Best Cities to Tour in Lonely Planet s 2 19 version. Where is your favorite city
26 Oktober 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 107
1 Best Cities to Tour in Lonely Planet s 2 19 version. Where is your favorite city In 2018, it will end soon, in fact there are only 2 months left. This means that in 2019 it will be in sight. For those of you who have a lot of plans to vacation in 2018, have you done it all? If it's not immediately executed, then 2018 hasn't finished yet. Hehehe.

Now, for those of you who need a reference to vacation abroad in 2019, now you have the answer. Lonely Planet's leading travel site is releasing 10 of the best cities to travel next year. Now, which cities are called the best and suitable for holidays? Let's see the list.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark is the best city to visit in 2019. The Danish capital which is also a port city is very exotic, its design is beautiful and also colorful

2. Sh nzh n is a city with rapid growth in China. Futuristic artistic buildings adorn the city not far from Hong Kong

3. Novi Sad, in Serbia might not be too familiar in your ears. But believe in a row of old buildings, beautiful gardens and outdoor cafes will spoil you in this city

4. Miami, Florida, USA came in at number 4 because of the combination of beautiful beach sand, colorful art deco buildings that spoil the eyes and the winning culinary!

5. Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, is a city that is a backpacker center for climbers to the Himalayas. The city is very antique and feels very retro. There are many UNESCO Heritage Site destinations in the form of temples or stupas there. Next year Kathmandu will intensely promote the Visit Nepal 2020

6. Mexico City, is the capital of Mexico that is glamorous, metropolis and presents a variety of amazing tourist destinations

7. Dakar is the representative of the African continent on this list. The Senegalese capital offers beaches, deserts and rapidly growing urban life

8. Seattle in America so one of the must-visit destinations in 2019. Welcome to the city of the future!

9. The city of Zadar is located in Croatia which is best suited for sunset hunting. This historic city of Roman relics is relatively quiet and soothing

10. Mekn s, Morocco, is a new tourist choice that you should visit in the west of Africa. The former capital of the Moroccan Sultanate offers a holiday sensation with magnificent buildings as well as narrow streets typical of Morocco

These cities were recommended by Lonely Planet certainly not without reason. So you can be sure you won't be disappointed on vacation there. What's your favorite?

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