1 Airlines That Never Have Fatal Accidents. Deserves to be called the safest airline
05 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 298
1 Airlines That Never Have Fatal Accidents. Deserves to be called the safest airline Earlier this week a gray cloud hung over the Indonesian aviation world. The Lion Air plane fell tragically in the waters of Karawang, West Java on Monday (October 29). There were 189 fatalities who are still being evacuated from the Java sea. This is an irony considering that 2017 was the safest year in the world of aviation without a single fatality in Indonesia caused by a plane accident.

Of all airlines in the world, not many airlines have almost never experienced fatal accidents. In Indonesia alone, almost all airlines have had a plane accident. Well, which airlines have almost never experienced a fatal accident, so called the safest airline in the world? Let's look at Hipwee Travel's review this time.

Etihad Airways is a very safe airline and has been operating since 2003

Etihad is known as a 'luxury' airline that wins awards every year in the aviation world. This airline from the United Arab Emirates has never experienced a fatal accident. The Etihad have only experienced a few problems while being repaired in Touluse. The plane suddenly accelerated and could not be controlled until it finally hit the concrete. But this accident did not occur during the flight and there were no fatalities in the incident.

Hawaiian Airlines has flown since 1929 and has never lost a single passenger. Even though the airline sempai went bankrupt too

Safety is the main principle of Hawaiian Airlines, one of the oldest airlines in the world. Even though he never had an accident, but the airline has been bankrupt twice. It's quite ironic indeed.

Emirates is the number one airline in the Middle East. His reputation as the best airline is no doubt!

It's rather difficult to enter Emirates on this list. Indeed, with reputation and comfort, the Emirates can be said to be the best in the world. Security is also OK. But there was one incident that made Emirates records slightly tarnished. In 2016, Emirates experienced a crash landing at Dubai airport which caused the plane to catch fire. Luckily all the passengers had been evacuated. But still Emirates has never lost the lives of its passengers.

Ryan Air is a low-cost airline that flies in European countries. Even though it's cheap, but safety is still the main

Ryan Air is a budget airline that has been operating since 1985 in the UK. These low-cost airlines often get complaints related to services but not to safety aspects. Ryan Air has never experienced a fatal accident while operating. Only once did Ryan Air make an emergency landing because it collided with a bird in Rome.

Qatar Airways is also one of the best airlines in the world. So far there has never been a fatal accident that befell the airline

Operating since 1997, Qatar Airways has now become one of the best and safest airlines in the world. There is no record of a fatal accident that has befallen the airline from Qatar. This 5-star Skytrax airline is indeed very reliable.

Virgin Atlantic / Australia / America is also a group of airlines with zero accident. No wonder it's often the 20th safest airline in the world

These three "Virgin" airlines have amazing security records. Virgin Atlantic has been operating since 1984, Virgin Australia since 2000 and Virgin America since 2007 and no record of accidents has befallen them. Even the first two names are included in the world's 20 safest airlines.

EasyJet is a cheap airline from the UK. During this time the airline's safety record is 100%, aka zero incident

Not only Ryan Air, EasyJet is also a budget airline from England with 100% safety. Throughout its journey through the sky, this plane has never had an accident though.

Southwest Airlines is the largest domestic airline in the United States. There is no record of fatal accidents that have ever happened to the airline that has been established since 1971

Operating for 47 years, Southwest Airlines has never had an accident though. As the largest domestic aircraft in the US, Southwest has 4000 flights during weekdays. Of that amount, it should be appreciated that the airline has never experienced a fatal accident.

JetBlue, one of the low cost airlines that has been safe from accident incidents

The airline was founded in 1999 by David Noleeman where he wanted to replicate the success of Southwest Airlines. With an average of 1000 flights per day and carrying 38 million passengers per year, zero accident achievements look amazing.

Jetstar is a low-cost airline based in Australia. Since its establishment in 2004, the airline has never experienced an accident

For those of you who are often backpackers, you must have ridden Jetstar to Singapore, which is very cheap. Yes, even though it's cheap, in fact this Qantas subsidiary airline has never had an accident while flying.

If asked, which airline in Indonesia is the safest? It's a bit difficult, because almost all have experienced crashes during flight. Hopefully in the future there will not be many airplane accidents.

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